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May 30, 2011

Gentle Geometry Fabrics now available for you….

Some of you may remember me working on these a while ago.

Well, they are now ready!   Would you like a peep?



 There are 4 Gentle Geometry Designs named Contour, Linear, Boundary & Orb. Each available in 3 colour stories.

Design Name: CONTOUR Colours: DENIM,LEAF & MOCHA


Design Name: ORBS Colours: DAHLIA, DUCK EGG & SOOT

I made these two small, lined drawstring bags – using CONTOUR in Denim and Leaf colours. It is one of my favourite designs from this collection.

One little bag is proving very useful to hold my small knitting projects and the other is for a friend. A few fabrics are available here and lots more here…..

Have a really good week.

May 16, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee

What a better way to start the week….I packed the kids off to school and kindergarden, did a few jobs and then took a quiet moment with a nice pot of Pomeroy’s ‘Toxic Soul’ and a notebook (to make some plans for this week.)

Yesterday I found a little time to make our coffee pot this warm and cosy jacket. I used a great tutorial from my lovely friend at  tinyhappy – though I adapted it a little because my pot has a slightly different handle. My ageing sewing machine was a bit unhappy about top stitching through this many layers but we got there.

I used my kitchen scales cotton/linen fabric for the front, together with some gingham lining and odd buttons (from the stash), small lengths of elastic and part of an old felted wooly jumper for insulation.


 I hope you have a happy start this week too.

April 7, 2011

Blue & White

A little while ago I mentioned I would try an alternate colour for my Patchwork/Cheater cloth fabrics. And its done!

Fresh and clean blues, with a touch of white, turquoise, jade, lime and grey.

Just right to brighten up our little coffee table on an overcast autumn day.

..and perfect teamed up with some of these Japanese Anemones that are growing in our garden at the moment.

Hope you are having a lovely week.

April 5, 2011

Venturing into Fabric Sales

Thank you for your kind emails and comments about my kid’s apron fabrics yesterday – I’m very humbled.

I’ve never done this before – selling my fabrics directly I mean, or having an online shop. Normally I sell my designs as designs, directly to manufacturers and off they go, hardly ever to be seen again – well they are probably seen somewhere in the world in some format or other.

Anyway, time to dive into something new, so here goes with the some other DesignCrafty Kitchen fabrics…

I love the way these have turned out.  Simple line drawings of my kitchen utensils in restrained tones of indigo, denim, azure and duck-egg blue teamed with chalky whites and charcoal. All beautifully printed on crisp cotton-linen canvas.

My kitchen is cheering for some special home-made tea-towels, place mats, oven gloves, pot-holders, aprons, kitchen blinds (!!)….or maybe a simple cookbook cover (thanks Rach, great idea!)

In the meantime, these four fat-quarters are available from my Felt shop and also directly from Spoonflower.

Any feedback, comments, and helpful hints would be much appreciated – ‘cos really I have no idea what’s gonna happen.

Stay tuned though – later on in the week there’s gonna be a little ‘Apples’ reveal day!

April 4, 2011

Kids’ Apron fabrics

….have arrived –  hooray!

Freshly printed with my original design which features a cast of helpful cooking friends in two colour stories..

…’rainbow brights’….



…or ‘Pretty in Pink’…..


Each apron just needs cutting out, hemming and the ties stitched on (you’ll need to get 1.5m of 2/3cm wide woven tape for the ties – sorry I couldn’t quite fit them on)

There is a sew-on pocket too which has space for you to embroider your child’s name on it.

The finished apron measures approximately 55cm long by 36cm at its widest point so it will fit a child aged 3/4 years old and up to about 6/7 yrs depending on child’s height of course. The fabric is a lovely Organic cotton sateen – drapey and glossy. Cool machine wash with phosphate-free detergent. 

These two will very soon be available as sewing kits from my new shop.

You can also order the fabric directly from my spoonflower marketplace shop  (you’ll need 1.5m woven tape for the waist and neck ties, a sewing machine, an iron, a sewing kit and thread to complete this project.) Full instructions are printed on the fabric. If you are going to order from Spoonflower, please make sure you choose 1/4 yard of Organic cotton Sateen fabric – it will not fit one any other fabric quality.


Tomorrow I will show you my other kitchen crafty fabrics. Happy Monday!

March 23, 2011

Kitchen Crafty – progress report

Morning.  Just wanted to let you know that some of the kitchen crafty fabrics are on their way so you won’t have to wait too much longer to see them.

Because I’m  in the trial stages, the project is evolving along three different directions. One surprising off-shoot emerging is…..

Kids Kitchen Crafty!

I’m always really inspired by how all three of our kids like to cook – more specifically, how they love to bake. A few years ago, their lovely grandma gave them one of these each for Christmas. Aren’t they great? They have little tummy buttons, bottoms, hands and feet.

So I did a bit of doodling and came up with a whole cast of cooking friends – here are some of them.

And some fun combinations colours too…. 

These are now being printed into what I hope will work out to be kids’ apron sewing kits – it’s very exciting. Have a great day!

March 17, 2011

More Pink Patchwork Fabrics

I’ve added another cheater cloth -its a bit like a nine-patch quilting project -only you don’t have to measure, cut and sew all those squares together.

And there’s some new separate co-ordinating fabrics to go with it too….

All available at Spoonflower….check it out.

The blue colourway of the 9 patch cheater cloth is on its way soon too – I’m just waiting to aprove my sample before putting it on the marketplace.

January 27, 2011

Pink Patchwork Kiss Lock Purse

Cut into a bit more of my pink cheater fabric again and learnt to make something new this week.

I followed brilliant PDF instructions and purchased the kiss lock purse frame from this lovely etsy seller.

This little one is making its way to a lovely relative on the other side of the world. She quite likes pink too!

Have a happy day.

January 18, 2011

Small Sewing Project

The garden is getting a good shower today, so we are staying in. I’m very excited and a bit nervous to be cutting into my fabric and getting the sewing machine out.

I decided to make myself something small to go  into this beautiful new pink ‘kete’ – a birthday gift from my family – made by an amazing local flax weaver (will get her contact details). 

So its going to be a pink cellphone case using a lovely pattern by  Michelle at Keika Lou. I’ve used one of her patterns before and they are really good – she also has very helpful tips and tutorials on her blog if I get stuck.

Hope you have a creative happy day.

ps…(added later on after many distractions, cups of tea, a trip to the haberdashery shop, making lunch, checking on the kids etc).… I made two cell phone pouches in the end – one for me and one for a friend who has a birthday soon. It was fairly straight forward and I found some very lovely padded iron-on interfacing which really makes them feel so nice and gived them a bit of body. I’m not really very good at sewing straight lines or curves but never mind, I’m rather pleased anyway….

Design Crafty Keyka Lou Cell phone cases