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May 7, 2011

Another Nelson Neighbour….

With much Royal Wedding talk in the air recently, I thought I would introduce you to another one of my lovely creative neighbours.

Jill Alexander of Puss Puss, creates the most amazing bridal corsets. Her historically inspired designs are beautifully crafted from her studio in Founder’s park, Nelson, NZ.


Enough to make any woman feel incredible on her special day.

For more information about the whole range or products and services, her website is

March 18, 2011

Nelson Neighbours

I’d like to share a little bit of my beautiful neighbourhood with you. Here in Nelson we are very lucky to be in the company of some very creative and artistic people – this place seems to attract and pour out ‘creativeness’.

So I plan to regularly introduce you to some of my arty and crafty neighbours….

First up is one of my favourite local painters Lory Davis, who works on her beautiful, colourful and vibrant works from her studio on Nile St.

As well as capturing the amazing colours and sights of New Zealand, there’s a lot of pattern in her work too. My heart smiles every time I see one of her pieces.

Click for a larger picture   


You can find out a bit more about Lori on her website:

Images used with kind permission. All copyright of these three images belongs to Lori Davis.