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May 2, 2011

Things I love about Autumn…..

It’s hard not to feel a bit sad once the summer starts to fade. But instead of getting down, I’ve said ‘Goodbye Summer. See you next year. Thank you for all the lovely times’ …and then had a think about the things I am really enjoying now that autumn is here ….

in no particular order…..

  • Kicking dry crunchy leaves whilst walking along.
  • Fantails busy doing their thing  in our garden.
  • Also in the garden – yummy Feijoas are ready.
  • Making soup. Actually I love cooking anything in one pot!
  • Lots of kids (young and old) meeting up at our house to hang out and play hide and seek, as well as other games they make up – like the ones they call ‘crazy bacon’  and ‘ninjas on the tramp(oline)’!
  • Changing light, warm colours & a gentler sun.
  • Walking along the beach on a breezy day.
  • Knitting  small things for our family in readiness for colder days ahead – last year it was hats all round, this year; finger-less mittens.
  • Everyone helping to stack a big delivery of wood and making up a fire in the evenings.
  • Reading a few more books and doing other indoor pursuits –  like jigsaw puzzles, baking, watching DVD’s, getting the paints out, making play dough, table-football tournaments, clearing out some cupboards…. 
  • Sitting on the verandah with a friend and a cup of tea .
  • Slowing down.  

What’s on your list? I hope you are enjoying autumn too – or loving spring if you are in the northern hemisphere.