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May 30, 2011

Gentle Geometry Fabrics now available for you….

Some of you may remember me working on these a while ago.

Well, they are now ready!   Would you like a peep?



 There are 4 Gentle Geometry Designs named Contour, Linear, Boundary & Orb. Each available in 3 colour stories.

Design Name: CONTOUR Colours: DENIM,LEAF & MOCHA


Design Name: ORBS Colours: DAHLIA, DUCK EGG & SOOT

I made these two small, lined drawstring bags – using CONTOUR in Denim and Leaf colours. It is one of my favourite designs from this collection.

One little bag is proving very useful to hold my small knitting projects and the other is for a friend. A few fabrics are available here and lots more here…..

Have a really good week.

May 29, 2011

These Amazing Colours

Snapshots around and about my beautiful neighbourhood in between the heavy rain and blustery wind.

I always find that a little walk lifts my spirits and makes me smile.  Hope you had a great weekend.

May 23, 2011

Afternoon tea

Over the weekend I managed to take a little time to sew this tea-pot cozy, using some on my leftover kitchen scales fabric.

I sort of made up the pattern as I went along but I was very inspired by this cozy made by the lovely Jill at Jill’s Today I saw blog.

This afternoon, my little one and I enjoyed a nice cup of red-bush tea on the verandah. We read a book and basked in the gentle autumn sunshine for a few minutes too. Happy Monday!

May 17, 2011

Apples for sale….

These cotton/linen canvas fat-quarters are now for sale in my felt shop.

Each one measures approx 45cm x 68cm (18″ x 21″).


May 16, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee

What a better way to start the week….I packed the kids off to school and kindergarden, did a few jobs and then took a quiet moment with a nice pot of Pomeroy’s ‘Toxic Soul’ and a notebook (to make some plans for this week.)

Yesterday I found a little time to make our coffee pot this warm and cosy jacket. I used a great tutorial from my lovely friend at  tinyhappy – though I adapted it a little because my pot has a slightly different handle. My ageing sewing machine was a bit unhappy about top stitching through this many layers but we got there.

I used my kitchen scales cotton/linen fabric for the front, together with some gingham lining and odd buttons (from the stash), small lengths of elastic and part of an old felted wooly jumper for insulation.


 I hope you have a happy start this week too.

May 9, 2011

Pretty Russian Doll Doorstop

…made for someone special using up some of my stash.

Check out some of my other little ‘makes’ here….   What are you crafting at the moment?

May 7, 2011

Another Nelson Neighbour….

With much Royal Wedding talk in the air recently, I thought I would introduce you to another one of my lovely creative neighbours.

Jill Alexander of Puss Puss, creates the most amazing bridal corsets. Her historically inspired designs are beautifully crafted from her studio in Founder’s park, Nelson, NZ.


Enough to make any woman feel incredible on her special day.

For more information about the whole range or products and services, her website is

May 2, 2011

Things I love about Autumn…..

It’s hard not to feel a bit sad once the summer starts to fade. But instead of getting down, I’ve said ‘Goodbye Summer. See you next year. Thank you for all the lovely times’ …and then had a think about the things I am really enjoying now that autumn is here ….

in no particular order…..

  • Kicking dry crunchy leaves whilst walking along.
  • Fantails busy doing their thing  in our garden.
  • Also in the garden – yummy Feijoas are ready.
  • Making soup. Actually I love cooking anything in one pot!
  • Lots of kids (young and old) meeting up at our house to hang out and play hide and seek, as well as other games they make up – like the ones they call ‘crazy bacon’  and ‘ninjas on the tramp(oline)’!
  • Changing light, warm colours & a gentler sun.
  • Walking along the beach on a breezy day.
  • Knitting  small things for our family in readiness for colder days ahead – last year it was hats all round, this year; finger-less mittens.
  • Everyone helping to stack a big delivery of wood and making up a fire in the evenings.
  • Reading a few more books and doing other indoor pursuits –  like jigsaw puzzles, baking, watching DVD’s, getting the paints out, making play dough, table-football tournaments, clearing out some cupboards…. 
  • Sitting on the verandah with a friend and a cup of tea .
  • Slowing down.  

What’s on your list? I hope you are enjoying autumn too – or loving spring if you are in the northern hemisphere.