Up, up and away….

I’ve been wanting to design a fabric specifically for boys for a little while now.  Something that a boy’s mother, aunt, family friend or grandmother might like to sew with.

Something light and fancy but not too traditional – there’s plenty of bright coloured trains and cars in this house and I didn’t want to add to the noise particularly.

So I got thinking about paper planes gently darting around.

and ended up with these three – same design on 3 different blue skies….

They look a bit bright on the screen but I got some little swatches printed they came out very nice. I made a couple of  mini canvases and a panelled pillow to match a plain blue duvet cover we have – lovely for a little boy’s bedroom.


The most fun thing about the design is the continuous doodle lines left by the paper planes – little fingers can follow them on and on and on till they run out of fabric.

I plan to order some more of these, so please email me or leave a comment if you would like some too – or order direct from my spoonflower marketplace.

2 Comments to “Up, up and away….”

  1. It looks fantastic!! Just perfect for a little boy!

  2. Hi, I love the paper planes (and many of your other designs) and would like to order some to make into a pillowcase. Thanks, Lisa

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