Venturing into Fabric Sales

Thank you for your kind emails and comments about my kid’s apron fabrics yesterday – I’m very humbled.

I’ve never done this before – selling my fabrics directly I mean, or having an online shop. Normally I sell my designs as designs, directly to manufacturers and off they go, hardly ever to be seen again – well they are probably seen somewhere in the world in some format or other.

Anyway, time to dive into something new, so here goes with the some other DesignCrafty Kitchen fabrics…

I love the way these have turned out.  Simple line drawings of my kitchen utensils in restrained tones of indigo, denim, azure and duck-egg blue teamed with chalky whites and charcoal. All beautifully printed on crisp cotton-linen canvas.

My kitchen is cheering for some special home-made tea-towels, place mats, oven gloves, pot-holders, aprons, kitchen blinds (!!)….or maybe a simple cookbook cover (thanks Rach, great idea!)

In the meantime, these four fat-quarters are available from my Felt shop and also directly from Spoonflower.

Any feedback, comments, and helpful hints would be much appreciated – ‘cos really I have no idea what’s gonna happen.

Stay tuned though – later on in the week there’s gonna be a little ‘Apples’ reveal day!

3 Comments to “Venturing into Fabric Sales”

  1. I love your kitchen collection ! I am also a textile designer and was wondering if you could help me out, where can i sell my designs? How much does a design go for . I have just recently been trying to get back into the textile world and am quite lost . How do you show your designs to clients ?A paper portfolio?via a web site? Do you paint or are they done on the comp? I would appreciate your help, but I do understand if you feel i am being too direct . Thanks

  2. Karuna, These are gorgeous! Some of my favorite yet. Fox

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