Kitchen Crafty

New designs slowly evolving this week – from ‘brainwave moments’ in the garden and at the kitchen sink, to brainstorming in my sketchbook.

At the moment I’m calling this project Kitchen Crafty; not because I’m cooking up a storm in the kitchen (I very rarely do that!), but because I have some kitchen fabric things going on in my head.

Here is the beginning of the story…

I was sitting under an apple tree when an apple fell on my head…hee, hee… only kidding! Actually I was mowing the lawn and admiring all this fruit  – we’ve only just finished two months of plums and now there are apples, pears and a bit later on some kiwifruit on the way!

Later, when some of the heavy garden chores were done and the kids had gone to bed, I treated myself to an hour of sketchbook therapy….

The next day, I even got a tiny bit inspired by the washing up!

Ok, that’s enough domestic bliss for a while. I promise to share the ending of this story when I get there. Have a great week!


2 Responses to “Kitchen Crafty”

  1. Love the patterns you’ve made from dishes and utensils.


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