Sock Knitting

I have to say that knitting has never been my big thing. I’ve tried over the years but didn’t get really get hooked…. until recently that is. To be more precise; until I had a go at sock knitting.

I love knitting socks (even if my family smile at me like I’m a bit dotty.) There is something about knitting socks that just challenges my brain at the right level somehow. Some thing about the anatomy of a sock and probably the way I can progress a little at a time here and there, before I know it, I have a sock – and it’s a whole sock – no sewing up of pieces, not much finishing off, just another sock to knit if I want a pair – which I usually do. And yep, a sock is small enough to carry around in my handbag! Perfect!

I love handling little double-sided bamboo needles and sock yarn is pretty interesting too but don’t get me started on that! Ok, I will mention I recently made a tiny pair or newborn socks for a good friend’s recent arrival using some pretty amazing merino/silk/bamboo sock yarn. (I was lucky to meet the gorgeous baby this morning which was very special.)


So thank you to the lovely Sally from Quiteahandful who taught me how to cast on my first sock stitches just three years ago!


2 Comments to “Sock Knitting”

  1. Thank you Karuna…wow has it been three years already !!!
    The socks are great and I think you might be knitting quite a few pairs in the coming months, perfect knitting for the autumn and winter months.

  2. Hi K
    I have to say the socks are just gorgeous and they fit him really well already (still a tiny bit of room in them though). I meant to pass that on to you on the weekend – I just love them.
    And the plum syrup was well received and already devoured too. Thank you so much for all the lovely things you have made for our family. It means so much to me.
    Lots of love

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