The Stash-Busting Challenge

Hello! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

I managed to spend a couple of quiet hours tidying up the Design Crafty Studio yesterday – which was very satisfying and a bit of an eye-opener. It seems I have been hoarding away far too much stuff for ‘future projects’. Hmm, how did that happen??


 After feeling quite guilty about the sheer amount of stuff tucked away around the room, then getting quite excited about all the things I’d like to make, and finally a bit panicky about how to make time to get around to everything,  I sat down with a nice cuppa and came up with the following plan….

And here it is…..

For the rest of this year I pledge to…..

1.  …substantially reduce my stash of fabrics, buttons, notions, yarn, paper etc, etc. I will actually get on with realising some of those projects in my head and think of some new ones too.

2.  ….not to add to the stash – I will keep away from Spotlight, online supply stores, the yarn store and the haberdasher so as not buy new craft materials (apart from the odd absolute necessary things like sewing thread, zips and interfacing – which I will first try to get at op-shops or by doing swaps. These totally necessary items will be used straight away for a planned project and will not lounge around for ages unused in baskets, boxes and bags.)

3. ……enjoy learning some new skills, revisiting old ones, broadening my crafty horizons and sharing my stash-busting endeavours on this page of the blog.

So there it is in black and white. I trust you to hold me to it.  Thank you: I feel so much better now!

2 Comments to “The Stash-Busting Challenge”

  1. Wishing you the best of luck with stash busting : ) It sounds like a great goal – as long as you don’t need to buy more fabric to complete the projects begun from the stash.

    • Thank you Rach. Nope, I will not to buy any more fabric to complete a project (apart from iron on interfacing maybe – i’m very low on that!) I just have to make do with what I’ve got – which is a fun challenge – got started today actually – check it out! Just had a peep on your blog – well done of the felt front page – and the bunting – now there’s an idea for using up small bits of fabric, very inspiring. have a happy week. K

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