Design Crafty Student Show ‘n’ Tell

Thank you for all your inquiries about the Print Design Course. I though I would share with you a little bit more about it.

In the first session we identify what each person wants to learn and what our inspiration is. We also work out how each person might like to use the fabric design. Lucky for us, Spoonflower print on so many beautiful fabric qualities, that we can start of dreaming of making a canvas bag, a silk scarf, a jersey dress for a little one, a cotton lawn top, skirts, purses, cushions…anything! Some students don’t sew, but just want to learn about the design process and have a piece of fabric they have designed.

We lay everything out that we bring to the first session and make a temporary inspiration board – to focus our ideas and to direct us in developing designs.

Then we explore how seamless repeats are created – just by drawing simple doodles, scanning them into the computer  – sometimes the repeats are made on the computer using my textile design software, other times we print out multiple copies of a drawing and stick them down on paper in a particular order. We also learn how to start making flowing, seamless repeats.

Next look at a some simple colour theory and learn to develop a colour palette from the inspiration board, working out main colours and accent colours and how they interact together. 

Then it’s time to get on with designing fabric. This bit is usually where we have to trial a few ideas before settling on a strong design to develop further. Artwork is scanned into the computer and then cleaned up, re-scaled,  put into repeat and colours are applied.

When designs are finalised, samples are ordered from Spoonflower. Any tweaks and further changes are made and then we can all say ‘yep, I designed that fabric!’

Here are examples of some of the work produced by students on the print course recently. Each with our own particular style and each one achieving a wonderful, personal textile design (or three!) in just four half day sessions plus a few exciting weeks waiting for the mail.


Clever SW made this skirt from her own fabric design yesterday and emailed me the photo – Yay! it looks so  great!


Thank you to MJ, PP, SW, MW, EB & RK for your kind permission to show your lovely work.

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