Small Sewing Project

The garden is getting a good shower today, so we are staying in. I’m very excited and a bit nervous to be cutting into my fabric and getting the sewing machine out.

I decided to make myself something small to go  into this beautiful new pink ‘kete’ – a birthday gift from my family – made by an amazing local flax weaver (will get her contact details). 

So its going to be a pink cellphone case using a lovely pattern by  Michelle at Keika Lou. I’ve used one of her patterns before and they are really good – she also has very helpful tips and tutorials on her blog if I get stuck.

Hope you have a creative happy day.

ps…(added later on after many distractions, cups of tea, a trip to the haberdashery shop, making lunch, checking on the kids etc).… I made two cell phone pouches in the end – one for me and one for a friend who has a birthday soon. It was fairly straight forward and I found some very lovely padded iron-on interfacing which really makes them feel so nice and gived them a bit of body. I’m not really very good at sewing straight lines or curves but never mind, I’m rather pleased anyway….

Design Crafty Keyka Lou Cell phone cases


3 Comments to “Small Sewing Project”

  1. they are gorgeous, karuna! i love their patchworky look- no scratched cell phone screen for you!
    melissa x

  2. These are so awesome! I crochet phone covers but love these!!

  3. Thank you Melissa – cell scratched already – I can now at least find it in my bag because I’m no longer looking for a black small thing when it rings! Thanks too Paisley Jade – I love to crochet too – and knit socks..kinda geeky but whatever makes us happy…..LOVING that HOT PINK coaster and cup sleeve on your blog today! KP

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