Pink Patchwork fabrics

Morning.  Hope you are all well and happy and looking forward to Christmas.  The little ones in our household are very excited!

Quite apart from Christmas preparations,  I’m excited because my  re-coloured cheater cloth/patchwork fabrics arrived in the post. You might recall, I wrote about the process of designing these fabrics here, and about re-colouring the first trials here.

For this second stage, I ordered a piece of fabric printed in a most beautiful cotton Satin and wow it’s so good! Here are some photos for you to have a look at…. 

The Main fabric is a patterned squares cheater cloth fabric. Each square is just under 5cm/2 inches sq)

Then there are 4 coordinating fabric designs...A fine pink satin stripe...


A soft duck egg blue snowy spot design

A vibrant, happy all-over flower....


..and finally a small sandy pink geometric with little crosses and dotty flowers.

 I keep looking at it and mulling about what to make, but maybe this is best saved for a quiet moment in the new year….What would you do with this piece of cloth? Leave a comment below if you have any ideas. Thanks!

1yd/91cm of 142cm/56" wide cotton satin fabric containing sections of all the designs. Perfect for a small sewing project.

 If anyone is interested, they are available for sale here….either as individual designs or as a yard of fabric with sections of every design included.

I think I will have a go at making an alternative colourway for these designs in the new year too – using some soft blues and greens. 

Hope you have a lovely day. We’re off berry picking – its a traditional Kiwi thing – fresh berries for the Christmas Day Pavlova. Yum…

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