Sweet Peas & back to the Drawing board

For the last month or so, we’ve been enjoying heaps and heaps of these beautiful sweet peas. There’s been little vases of them in every room, plus a few more to give away too.

I wish blogs had smell-a-vision because these ones are truly fragrant as well as vibrant.

sweet peas

One plant was growing here when we moved into this home three years ago and I’ve been saving the seed and growing another couple of plants every year since.

Sadly they are now beginning to get  straggly and a bit ‘past-it’ so I shall have to say good-bye to the flowers soon.  Still, there are plenty of these appearing now….

I will look forward to a little harvest soon – hopefully the seed will mature in time for Christmas so I can include them in some presents to friends.

I am also trying to develop a little design featuring them – here is a very sketchy start…..and the beginnings of colour ideas created when I was having a play around over the fab www.colorlovers.com


And speaking of sketching …I spent a very joyful couple of hours last night at a crafty-cafe get together – I met with some lovely new people who all shared a love of crafting, tea and chocolate. I didn’t have any knitting/crochet/sewing projects to hand soI grabbed a sketch book and spent the evening drawing some leaves that I picked up along the way – they are for a commercial project I am working on at the moment.

Hope you all have a very happy weekend! We’re off to try out camp again – Kaiteriteri this time. Wish me luck!


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