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December 30, 2010

Designed By Kids….

Here are the fabrics that our kids had a little hand in.

I wrote about this mini project a couple of posts ago…..

….and the first samples arrived in the mail yesterday….


This little one is pretty pleased with how it has turned out. He’s been enjoying the process.

Just a couple of adjustments to make here and there, so we can order some lengths to make into something for their bedrooms.

Hope you are having a relaxed week.

December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas – and a birthday give-away!

Design Crafty wishes you  and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas full of joy, love, laughter and peace.

Today, it’s also my birthday so I am doing a little giveaway.

If you leave a comment below or email me, starting with the line: ‘My favourite memory this Christmas day is…. ‘” , I’ll draw names out of a hat and the winner will receive a personalised digital repeating Pattern  – based on your own drawing (or your kids!) (see this post for inspiration). You will be able to use your digital design to order fabric from Spoonflower, or  to print out at home for all sorts of crafty projects.

I look forward to hearing from you! Have a lovely day.

December 23, 2010

Pink Patchwork fabrics

Morning.  Hope you are all well and happy and looking forward to Christmas.  The little ones in our household are very excited!

Quite apart from Christmas preparations,  I’m excited because my  re-coloured cheater cloth/patchwork fabrics arrived in the post. You might recall, I wrote about the process of designing these fabrics here, and about re-colouring the first trials here.

For this second stage, I ordered a piece of fabric printed in a most beautiful cotton Satin and wow it’s so good! Here are some photos for you to have a look at…. 

The Main fabric is a patterned squares cheater cloth fabric. Each square is just under 5cm/2 inches sq)

Then there are 4 coordinating fabric designs...A fine pink satin stripe...


A soft duck egg blue snowy spot design

A vibrant, happy all-over flower....


..and finally a small sandy pink geometric with little crosses and dotty flowers.

 I keep looking at it and mulling about what to make, but maybe this is best saved for a quiet moment in the new year….What would you do with this piece of cloth? Leave a comment below if you have any ideas. Thanks!

1yd/91cm of 142cm/56" wide cotton satin fabric containing sections of all the designs. Perfect for a small sewing project.

 If anyone is interested, they are available for sale here….either as individual designs or as a yard of fabric with sections of every design included.

I think I will have a go at making an alternative colourway for these designs in the new year too – using some soft blues and greens. 

Hope you have a lovely day. We’re off berry picking – its a traditional Kiwi thing – fresh berries for the Christmas Day Pavlova. Yum…

December 7, 2010

Custom Textile Design Project


Recently I’ve been  converting some of my kids artwork into textile designs.

It has been a really fun process – with lots of excited squeals from the younger members of our family – all huddled around my computer monitor as we work through various options for each drawing.

These are the original scans…


Here are the results so far.

We are going to get these printed onto fabric and make them into cushions for their bedrooms and the family room.

If you are interested in this project, I can offer it as a design service. You email me a scan of your or your kids artwork (or your own artwork/design motif for that matter) and I clean it up , put it into repeat and send it back to you as a digital file. You can then use this file to order your own printed fabric or just use to print it to out on paper – for art prints, gift wrap, covering books, the possibilities are endless and exciting. Contact me for further details.

Hope you have a nice week!

December 3, 2010

Sweet Peas & back to the Drawing board

For the last month or so, we’ve been enjoying heaps and heaps of these beautiful sweet peas. There’s been little vases of them in every room, plus a few more to give away too.

I wish blogs had smell-a-vision because these ones are truly fragrant as well as vibrant.

sweet peas

One plant was growing here when we moved into this home three years ago and I’ve been saving the seed and growing another couple of plants every year since.

Sadly they are now beginning to get  straggly and a bit ‘past-it’ so I shall have to say good-bye to the flowers soon.  Still, there are plenty of these appearing now….

I will look forward to a little harvest soon – hopefully the seed will mature in time for Christmas so I can include them in some presents to friends.

I am also trying to develop a little design featuring them – here is a very sketchy start…..and the beginnings of colour ideas created when I was having a play around over the fab


And speaking of sketching …I spent a very joyful couple of hours last night at a crafty-cafe get together – I met with some lovely new people who all shared a love of crafting, tea and chocolate. I didn’t have any knitting/crochet/sewing projects to hand soI grabbed a sketch book and spent the evening drawing some leaves that I picked up along the way – they are for a commercial project I am working on at the moment.

Hope you all have a very happy weekend! We’re off to try out camp again – Kaiteriteri this time. Wish me luck!