Blue & Green….

We went off for a night to the Malborough Sounds last weekend – to try out our camping skills. The last time my husband and I went camping was ‘before kids’ and we checked into a nice hotel by the sea after only two nights! But that was in England way back when…So we thought we should really try again. The kids are used to camping now, having been at Kiwi schools for three years, so they showed us a thing or two. I still need a lot of practice!

Camping inexperience aside, I really, really enjoyed the absolutely beautiful surroundings. We stayed in Okiwi Bay, just about an hour and a half’s drive from our home. The sea was blue, the sky clear, the bush clad mountains a million shades of green and the bird song was incredible.

On the way back home, we stopped by our local Christmas Tree farm and ‘tagged’ our tree for this year. We’ll go back to pick it up in a couple of weeks. Here is our littlest one running around the younger trees.

I feel truly lucky to experience  all this and more in this beautiful New Zealand ‘back yard’.


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