Red & White Christmas Printables

Hi! Thanks for dropping by.

I’ve made a start on thinking about Christmas this week. Yep, it had to be done.

And I have a little early Christmas giveaway for you.

Some Red and White Christmas Tree wrapping paper.  Designed  for small gifts, this one is A4 so you can print it at home. (you could take your printout to the photocopy shop to enlarge if you need it bigger) Try different lightweight papers. If you don’t have a colour printer, black and white looks good on coloured paper too.

And some gift tags to match – just print onto A4 card, cut out, punch a hole near the top and thread some nice red ribbon on.



Now, just need to go and sort out some presents! Here are the files for you – in pdf.

Design Crafty xmas tree wrap   Design crafty gift tags small

Please note that these are for personal use only – not for re-sale or commercial purposes. Feel free to let friends know where  is though.

To avoid cutting edges off when printing, make sure you choose ‘shrink to fit paper’ option on your printer. Any questions, just email or leave a comment.


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