Cheater cloth collection finished!

Yay! The fabrics designs I wrote about last week are now re-coloured and ready to go. There’s one cheater cloth design and four co-ordinates in the collection.

It has taken quite a few hours of matching and altering, checking and many cups of tea to get them to this next stage. You can see them here. They look a bit pink on-screen but I’ve planned them to print in a combination of pinks and reds with a bit of ecru, chocolate, latte and duck egg blue included as accents. That is the main problem when colour matching, all computer screens display colour differently and all printers print colour differently – it has really got my brain cells working this morning.

Can’t wait to order some this week.

Other news….

We did the last session of the first Design Crafty Print Course last Friday – it was such a fun course to teach and everyone has done some really amazing designs. I hope to be able to give you a sneek-peek sometime soon – just got to ask permission first! 

ps.  The course starts again next week or the week after – I’m just arranging details with some people who are interested, so email me if you would like to join in with us!

Hope you all have a really good week.


One Comment to “Cheater cloth collection finished!”

  1. wow karuna, these are looking pretty amazing!
    your colour sense is so alive and warm.
    can’t wait to see our designs in person!

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