A Little Fabric Story

Hello Again,

Lots of people have been asking me this week to show some examples of my work, so here is a little story about a set of printed fabric designs I’m working on at the moment  ….it’s still work in progress ….

I’ve had this idea of making a patchwork quilt for our bed for a while now. But I am not terribly confident (or patient enough) to cut up big pieces of fabric into little pieces and then sew those little pieces into big pieces, especially if they have to be straight and in a nice pattern! So I have been designing a ‘cheater cloth’ to help me along the way.

I started very simply by doodling some ditsy flowers, spots, stripes etc. on a few paper squares…. which I scanned into the computer….

I put together some pleasing colour combinations – I was imagining sitting on a nice picnic blanket surrounded by summer flowers, fields of wheat, soft berry fruit, sunshine, hazy skies, you get the picture……


Then I spent a bit of time exploring my scanned-in images: I moved them around,  resized them, pieced them together, re-coloured them and fiddled about a bit until I had a simple repeating squares pattern – each square with its own pattern inside…This is my 1st attempt – I think the colour got a bit carried away – its nice but a bit too varied for me.

I also wanted to have some coordinating fabrics for the back of the quilt and maybe for some pillow cases too…so a few of the designs got turned into full repeating patterns that go nicely with the patchwork design.  And the colours got simplified too.

I really love this whole design development process, seeing some doodly drawings evolve into designs…

Very excitedly, I uploaded the designs to Spoonflower and ordered some trial swatches. They arrived four and a bit weeks later (I’m at the bottom of the world so these things take time!) and here they are….

I’m so pleased with the fabrics. I need to alter some of the colours that haven’t come out quite as expected (I can do that now because I also ordered a colour blanket to choose exact colours from – see previous post) I think I will change some of the orangey-reds to be more  pinky-reds and the natural tones need to be less yellow.

Then I will have the tricky task of working out how much fabric to order so that I can finally make something out of it. I’m thinking that a whole super king size quilt maybe a little too much for me – so I plan to start with something smaller and more manageable like a set of cushions or pillows. Or maybe a nice picnic blanket, or a  pretty dress for someone little…..aaaahh, so many ideas,so much I’d like to make, so little time! What do you think?

Hope you have a great week.

2 Responses to “A Little Fabric Story”

  1. Wow, so that is how it is done. Marvellous to have so many choices of colour !


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