Full of Colour

Hello. It’s a really beautiful sunny spring Monday here at the top of the South in lovely NZ.

When I came back from some morning errands, my mail box was looking fit to burst.  Now normally we tend to get pretty boring letters – bills, statements etc.  But today there were two interesting looking  parcels for me. One from my mum – thanks Mum, lovely!

….and the other from the nice people at Spoonflower .

My first and very much-anticipated order….







……which included some trials of my new designs (sorry no sneak-peep of those for now) and this amazing yard of very useful colour samples, prepared by Isabella P of Inscribed Here printed on beautiful cotton sateen.



soooooo lovely and very inspiring.  I and some of the students on the upcoming Design Crafty Short Course will be using this colour blanket to choose and match colours for our printed designs. As you can probably guess, colour gets me very excited. Even our four-year old couldn’t resist touching the sweetie-like colours and stating his preferences.

Hope you all have a really good week.

6 Responses to “Full of Colour”

  1. Congrats on receiving your first Spoonflower order, how exciting! Also, thanks for sharing this great image of the colour chart.

  2. ooh- the fabric looks amazing! can’t wait to see it in person on friday. (lucky, lucky me!)

    your garden is a bit of a wonder, too.

  3. Hi there just got your comment on my blog and popped in to say hi. Love your new fabric. I am coming down to the lovely Nelson tomorrow for a couple of days to catch up with family. I wish I lived in Nelson and was able to attend your course – it looks great.

  4. Hello! Thank you for your recent visits to my blog and the lovely comments you’ve left.
    You’re so lucky to be living close to the sea – I miss it so much.
    Good luck with your print design course. I noticed that you were thinking of offering some via distance learning. Would this be one of them? Please keep me updated.
    Bye for now, Alison


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